Invoicing Made Simple

A complete online invoicing software platform for smarter businesses that want to spend valuable time on scaling their business operations.

Unlock the potential of invoicing

Turn your invoicing and payment experience into a fast and simple process.

Invoice templates

Make your brand stick out by sending professional, personalized invoices to your customers.

Recurring subscription charges

Set your recurring invoicing on autopilot and automatic credit card payments for your repeat customers and stop chasing payments.

Online payments

Make it easier for your customers to pay their invoice and avoiding late payments with a wide range of payment gateways - Stripe, PayPal, Braintree or

Automated reminders

Invoice automation allows you to receive payment faster and reduces your bad debt. Schedule reminders and secure your cash flow.

Invoice delivery notices

rack if your invoices are delivered to your customer’s email, see if the email is opened and if they viewed the invoice.

Dashboards, analytics & insights

Our dashboards and reports are packed full of valuable information to show you the exact health of your cccounts receivable and invoicing.

Get paid faster

Invoice processing is no longer a hassle

BASCRM Invoicing is an intuitive and easy-to-use invoicing software that allows you to send unlimited invoices and stay in control of your business. Automate billing, eliminate routine tasks and make accurate forecasts with scheduled, prepayment and recurring invoices, as well as late invoice reminders.


See powerful reporting and dashboards.


Get notified everyime a payments is processed.

Invoice automation

Put your invoicing on auto-pilot.

Powerful invoicing features

A highly efficient software solution to speed up your invoice processing.

Professional invoice templates

Follow our Billing wizard steps to configure and set a professional invoice template. Upload you logo and add all relevant company information, payment terms and contact information.

VAT management

VAT and Tax regulations are evolving globally, new changes made effective every year. BASCRM applies all new changes and informs your Invoicing team when new changes are detected.

Currency management

Set you default currency for your market and add addtional currencies that you allow sales in. BASCRM support exchange rates for over 160 currencies giving you live prices for every sale.

Recurring billing charges

Setup your recurring billing workflow and automate invoicing logic. With a few clicks you can customize billing frequencies, billing dates, auto-calculate proration for upgrades and more.

There’s power in simplicity

Register your products or services and BASCRM will automatically fill in the price, description and VAT. It takes only 60 seconds to create invoices with BASCRM Invoicing – add your customer, your product, hit send and you’re done.

  • Product and service registration
  • Invoice tracking, delivery and read logs
  • Issue digital payment confirmations
  • Friendly reminders by e-mail and SMS

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Everything you need to get paid faster

A complete online invoicing software platform for smarter businesses that want to spend valuable time on scaling their business operations.

  • Invoice templates
  • VAT settings
  • Discounts
  • Credit notes
  • Automatic reminders
  • Reminder fees
  • Charge interest
  • Issue refunds
  • Record payments
  • Online payments
  • Payment gateways
  • Subscription fees
  • Track invoices status
  • Taxes
  • Full Collaboration
  • Payment installments
  • Payment accounts
  • E-mail invoice
  • Automate workflows
  • SMS reminders
  • Custom fields
  • Auto debit
  • Save credit card info
  • File logs
  • Product adminstration
  • Dashboards
  • Data loss prevention

BASCRM Invoicing can help you organise and speed up your invoicing

Stay on top of your invoices with status tracking and reminders. Get started with minutes.