Account Management
for complete control over your customer relations

A perfect CRM for managing every step from leads, engaging with clients, and closing more deals.

App Features

Achieve more with powerful
CRM account management

Account management

Efficiently record and track complete account details - orders, invoices, e-mails, chats always at your fingertips.

Activity tracking

Manage all your customers and sales details from a single place, never lose client info again.

Centralize customer outreach

Organize and grow your customer relationships with tracking contracts, e-mail, calls and more — all in one place.

Custom fields

Add vital information for your business and organize your accounts exactly as you see fit.


Automate routine work and processes with actions and trigger to keep you customer up to date with their services.

Add Contacts

Add detailed information about stakeholders and relavant contacts to accounts and categorize them according to the requirements.

How It Works

Superior CRM account management

BASCRM accounts will aggregate all customer details, providing a 360-degree view of the profile. Instantly access activity history, communications, internal account discussions, notes, e-mail and much more. A single unified database ensures that information is immediately available without having to move from system to system.

1. E-mail

All e-mail history in one place.

2. Invoices

Track invoices and payments.

3. Agreements

Monitor agreements and renewals.

An account management software for any enterprise

BASCRM offers you a new way to manage your accounts receivable. We equip our clients with technology-enabled account management software as a service in the cloud. BASCRM is an manageable, inexpensive and open source CRM that delivers plenty of flexibility and possibilities to make any business more efficient.

Automate your workflow with account managing software

BASCRM helps companies handle customer interchanges, automate business functions and improve revenue. The account managing software can assist you in managing and tracking your clients, contacts, leads, and accounts.

BASCRM allows managing customer accounts and the entire sales process, starting with receiving inquiries to the delivery of finished products. You don't need a big office or many employees on your payroll to become successful, and you can make it work using just the bare minimum when you have the right tools - which is something we know will help you to be a lot more efficient in what you do as an entrepreneur! The platform is:

  • Easy to use, affordable, and simple CRM account software with all the features you need to manage your business.
  • CRM account software for small companies, nonprofits, freelancers, etc.
  • CRM software is easy to set up and use yet highly flexible and powerful enough to help you do more
  • A user-friendly business software that does not require much training for employees to learn it.
  • Automate your workflow, organize your contacts and send personalized emails.
  • Efficiently track and examine every aspect of your revenue cycle.

Increasing workspace efficiency by optimizing your work environment:

BASCRM provides a software solution for an account manager to manage clients, maintain all the information, and manage activities. BASCRM is a cloud-based solution and platform with multiple CRM modules for different sectors. The main idea of BASCRM - is to provide high-class customer service for the companies operating in the retail segment. It is a unique account management system that gives you a chance never to lose track of your customers, leads, and prospects.

How does the all-in-one powerful account management system platform help your team grow your sales pipeline?

  • The BASCRM operates like a toolkit for the sales team, equipping them with the appropriate mechanisms at their fingertips to get up and running on the go.
  • It speeds up the entire communication and streamlines tasks between management and departments while also ensuring that all aspects run smoothly - from accessing contact details to assigning tasks, sending emails, booking meetings, and making calls.
  • The platform gives team members an avenue to demonstrate their talents for higher positions in the organization through comprehensive dashboards that allow for better transparency.

Superior CRM Account Management

An easy-to-use CRM, a potent marketing means, and a unique service platform – BASCRM. We offer all the necessary tools for managing business processes and communicating with your clients in one place. It is a set of functions that allows you to manage your customers and leads without manual work. BASCRM is a tool that will enable you to create management insights. Thanks to the automation of the management processes, you can reach the results without blocking your working day.