Gantt charts

Visually manage your projects and tasks. The Gantt chart allows you to visually see the current state of the project deliveries, set priorities and hierarchies for the project requirements.

Project Timeline

The timeline engages your team by easily following project updates in real time. With a few clicks you can filter the conversations of interest. Manage you timeline and subscribe to receive the timeline updates by email.


MyProjects task manager makes it easy to delegate tasks, prioritize to-do lists, and make sure nothing gets missed. A task is your to-do item. It can be assigned, labeled, prioritized and tracked. Team members can create, assign tasks and leave comments for each other on tasks to keep track of progress and ask questions.


Team members can create, assign checklists and leave comments for each to make sure nothing of importance is left out.

  • Create unlimited checklist on Project level or requirement level.
  • Share or assign the checklist to member within the project.
  • Mark items as done when completed.
  • Decide due date for the checklist.

Project Notifications

A central part of successful collaboration and leveraged engagement includes a real time feed of updates and instant notifications about the project progress and updates in real-time. Project members can subscribe to notifications and daily summary reports.

Activity Management

A successful combination of project management and resource planning is the ability to track project activities, BASCRM Activity Management offers the right tools to collaborate with peers and every piece of activity related to an project is stored for you in one central location.

Project Budgeting

With ease you can plan, monitor, revise and get insight into team performance. Keep track of how time is being spent by project or by team member for accurate planning and budget management.

  • Create roles and set hourly rates
  • Daily reporting
  • Reporting of expenses
  • Management tools for approval of specifications
  • Issue invoices

Project Documents

Create documents online using BASCRM Editors or securely upload your working material and other files for frictionless sharing with your project team. MyProjects Project Documents puts you in complete control over your data.

Collaborate more efficiently, track when someone downloads or sends you a file. Limit the sharing time and see how / when your files are accessed with a comprehensive activity log.

Management Dashboards

Break down complex data into what you really want to know: are you being effective.  Use data to take actionable insights, with dashboards providing powerful visualizations to support your teams and management.

Analytics dashboards, reporting, and real-time alerts provide teams across the organization access to track performance. Alerts for overdue tasks, delays or costs enable to keep control at all times.

Full collabration

Create and share folders with your clients for full collabration. Set permissions and assign access on a need-to-know basis. Monitor the users with a comprehensive activity log.

Quick Email

Full integrations with your email. Enables users to email documents directly from within BASCRM Box for super-fast emailing.

User groups

Securely Share Documents Online. Share unlimited documents across your organization with employees or clients.Set permissions and assign access on a need-to-know basis.

Version Control

Unlimited versions of documents and revert back to any older version at any time. Versioning also offers security against unauthorized overwrites by users with restricted rights.