The power of smart document and file management

Easily store you files in the cloud for anywhere access. Manage and share large file structures inside and outside your business.

Secure file sharing

Collaborate easily without putting company data at risk.

High-grade data encryption

Our technology passed advanced penetration tests, with no security flaw detected.

Passwords for sharing

You can choose to share your file with specific individuals only, set permissions and password to access the file.

Track sharing

Send and receive documents, folders and files, point and click - and track the file activity.

Edit docs online

Edit documents together online in real time, and securely share files inside and outside your oeganization.

Fast online document creation

Easy to use online editor - easily create documents, spreadhseets and presentations and convert them into PDF.

Enable collaboration

Team collaboration for teams of all sizes to keep everyone aligned.

BASCRM Editors
One Tool, Everything You Need.

We are a Software as a service (Saas) provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions. BASCRM was created to enable businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships.

We are on the mission to deliver best in class cloud computing software. Our highly scalable distribution platform allows organizations to unlock their true value and focus on the core business.



Smart document automation

Say goodbye to tedious manual document creation with and stop filling in repetitive documents manually - save time and gain productivity. BASCRM Document Manager centralizes document automation for more efficient workflows across your organization.

Generate documents fast

See powerful reporting and dashboards.

Contracts in minutes

Standardize contracts with short-codes.>

Increase productivity

Eliminate manual tasks and delays.

Powerful document generator

Document Automation providing robust capabilities empowering teams to simplify, optimize and automate any document process.

Document generation

Generate and deliver data-driven business documents easily and efficiently. Robust capabilities empowering you to simplify, optimize and automate any document process, from creation to e-signature.

Automated workflows

Fast accurate automated document assembly. Reduce bottlenecks by automation of documents and contracts to agreement without leaving your browser.

Document automation flows

Powerful document generation features enabling yout to build automated document flows for efficient generation, management, delivery, and storage of your business documents.

Document storage

Store your documents, files, attachments within our secure cloud storage ready to reate sophisticated documents that improve efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate tedious work.

Store and share safely in the cloud

A powerful, cloud storage and office suite accessible from anywhere. Store, sync or backup your documents online with instant access, sharing and collaboration, all in a simple to use, secure environment.

  • Drag & Drop your files to the cloud.
  • Back up any file or folder.
  • Secure file sharing for business.
  • Fully hosted, scalable, redundant and built with security.

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Secure file storage and sharing

Easy file sharing and cloud storage. Easy to use, reliable, private, and secure.The fastest way to send your files.

  • Security
  • Ducument automation
  • Tasks
  • File collaboration
  • Share files
  • User rights
  • Online backup
  • Activity reminders
  • File sharing
  • Large files
  • Folderst
  • Drag & drop
  • Project Budget
  • Password protection
  • Full Collaboration
  • Upload resume
  • Expire date
  • File tracking
  • File preview
  • File edit
  • Image preview
  • View preview
  • e-Signature
  • File logs
  • Track progress
  • Assign teams
  • Data loss prevention

Online file management for teams that work together

A shared workspace for creating, collaborate - all designed to make teamwork happen. Get started in minutes!