Perform omni-channel outreach at scale

Blend voice, e-mail, and SMS. Empower reps to initiate e-mail/SMS campaigns, and make calls to maximize the outreach. Warm up cold leads by creating magical e-mails, book and schedule online demos, issue Digital contracts and trigger onboarding information.

Increase Agent Talk Time

See your agents talk to more prospects per hour - and spend less time dialing and waiting around. Link features quality, reliability, and enterprise-grade infrastructure, saving you money and puts you on track to increase revenues.

All the features you want, in one platform

Live Dashboard

Real-time dashboard of calls and agent activity

Workflow Automations

Call triggers upon form submissions

Wrap-up Time

Choose the wait time between calls

Caller ID

Set your Caller ID for any of your phone numbers.

Call filters

Filter you leads by statuses from previous calling session

Local Phone Numbers

Act local and which to new phone numbers as your campaign progresses

Record All Calls

Record calls for future reference and training purposes

Easy Access

Log in to our cloud-based power dialer from anywhere.

Enterprise Grade Platform

Engineered for reliability, quality, hosted in premium data centers to guarantee a 99.95% up-time. All calls are routed via premium networks enabling crystal clear voice quality. BASCRM runs from data centers across all continents to handle concurrency, fast failover, and outage proofing.

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes

Get a new phone number or port your existing numbers, invite your team members and start making & receiving calls.

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