Transform your video conferencing experience

Host effective meetings by connecting remote teams and customers in a completely new way of working. Supporting innovative teams requires reliable collaboration tools.

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Meet with 250 participants

Initiate or participate in a voice conference call via desktop, laptop or mobile. Host voice conference calls for up to 250 participants.

Video Conferencing

Host personalized video conferencing meetings for increase engagement, performance and collaboration.

Meeting Recording & Transcription

Record your meetings in real-time, take notes and share them across the team after the meeting.

Screen Sharing

Share screens and presentations for a more interactive meeting. Stay focused and keep meetings on track with features that improve productivity.

Enterprise Grade Platform

Engineered for reliability, quality, hosted in premium data centers to guarantee a 99.95% up-time. All calls are routed via premium networks enabling crystal clear voice quality. BASCRM runs from data centers across all continents to handle concurrency, fast failover, and outage proofing.

Getting started with a seamlessly integrated
virtual meeting platform

Get the best out of every web and video conferencing event with BASCRM's integrated meeting platforms. You can now speak and listen to your audience worldwide in real-time with our live video streaming feature and share content using the screen sharing feature.

BASCRM Link is a meeting platform that works seamlessly with any virtual event. It helps you connect, collaborate and get the most out of every virtual event. You can share notes, work together in real-time, see who's attending or presenting, and even chat one-on-one or in groups during your virtual event.

Link Meeting provides a fully integrated virtual event management where you can schedule an event (webinar, live session, meeting, or conference) in just a few simple steps and manage it from one place.

The Link platform’s integrated calendar allows you to schedule and efficiently conduct online meetings. Whether you are looking for a conference bridge, video conferencing, personal meeting, online meeting link, or anything related to virtual events, BASCRM Link does it at the lowest rates and highest quality.

Why choose BASCRM for Web conferencing
and other virtual events?

Gives your event an edge
BASCRM Link’s virtual meeting platform, helps you focus on strategic decisions, understand your market, and drive growth. The Link meeting system provides an intuitive interface, easy to use and collaboration to engage teams.

Efficient and trusted platform
BASCRM Link is the world's best virtual meeting software that helps teams collaborate and communicate efficiently. We are a globally trusted enterprise cloud-based meeting platform for the modern hybrid teams.

Conduct secure online events
BASCRM Link is an online meeting platform, providing simplified video conferencing for the digital workplace to help people find new ways to collaborate and work remotely with efficiency.

Enhancing your virtual event impact
With BASCRM Link, you can host an online meeting platform and webinar solution to share content and ideas with your team. Our highly secure online meeting software creates a virtual conference room where teams can collaborate and edit documents in real-time.

Creating events with ease
Video conferencing helps you meet online and build trust through secure video calls that let you convey ideas better.
Share your screen and present documents in real-time.
Record and share your web meeting recordings to be used later with members who could not make it to the original conference or for offline use.
Elevate meeting experiences that teams will appreciate.
Take advantage of the best online meeting tools to hot professional meetings.

Tailor-made online meeting
Boost sponsor, partner, and exhibitor engagement by providing multiple virtual experiences that attendees can browse. Both representatives can interact in real-time with the attendees, making them feel more involved in the conference.

Creating interactive forums with meetings online
Create an experience that goes beyond the content itself. We offer the capability to add features that give your audience an interactive forum in which they can easily chat, interact and ask questions.

Seamless execution of events with the best web conferencing software:
With BASCRM Link platform for online meetings, you will have an easy user interface for all your participants along with additional tools, visual aids and a series of training videos to fast track your users’ engagement.

You'll feel at ease knowing that we've got your back with an unmatched support team dedicated to support you and your teams. Invite all for your personal "meet me online" as we have your back!

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes

Experience a cloud-based voice and video conferencing system for innovative businesses. LINK is free to use - invite your team members to start meetings, chatting, making & receiving calls.

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