BASCRM unveils its biggest redesign with breakthrough performance in stunning new design

BASCRM, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) for fast growing companies has made a major release of redesign to its software including the popular applications for Sales, Project Management, Invoicing, Helpdesk, BasDrive and Chat.

The new redesign has focus on user experience (UX) with an intuitive user interface. As part of our DNA we will continue to take steps in building software that’s reliable, fast, and delightful to use. The new UX design, which was informed by user research and testing, is scalable, allowing customers to easily access new tools and features.

The intuitive new design optimizes space, size, and typographic structure while adding more whitespace, reducing divider lines and decorative icons to ensure a simplified look and feel. .

The new design features a fresh, clean interface and intuitive features to empower users to get things done and inspire their creativity. Users can enjoy the flexibility of multiple browser tabs and work on multiple apps simultaneously.

While it's very easy to get started with the BASCRM Power Dialer, some campaigns are more complex than others and this is why our dialer has a wide range of advanced features that put reps in control.


BASCRM leads customer relationship management (CRM) innovation for growing businesses with its integrated business software suite that enhances team collaboration and connects teams from Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support and Project Management in one secure and easy-to-use platform.

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