BASCRM Introduces an integrated Power Dialer; New Unified XCaaS Experience Transforms The Sales Role For A Hybrid Workforce

LONDON, United Kingdom – BASCRM Corporation, a leading integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) platform provider, today announced general availability of BASCRM Power Dialer, a new XCaaS (eXperience Communications as a Service) composed experience for high volume call handling. The BASCRM Power Dialer transforms the Sales Development Representative (SDR) role by delivering a tailored experience and user interface that uniquely blends traditional unified communications in the sales engagement platform. The new Power Dialer will provide powerful call queuing and handling features that enhance productivity and personalize engagement for sales teams.

The new redesign has focus on user experience (UX) with an intuitive user interface. As part of our DNA we will continue to take steps in building software that’s reliable, fast, and delightful to use. The new UX design, which was informed by user research and testing, is scalable, allowing customers to easily access new tools and features.

The Power Dialer will enhance the sales experience and enable omnichannel communication with buyers, reps can choose the preferred flow to keep up the dialogue with voice, e-mail and SMS.

The BASCRM Power Dialer improves agent efficiency by increasing the number of customer calls made in an hour by up 76%.

Highly effective teams want to streamline inbound call queues, eliminate mundane manual work, and accelerate call campaigns. One of the key benefits of a Power Dialer is the many folds increase in reps talk time as compared to a manual dialing scenario. With minimized idle time and improved call connect ratio, reps spend more time talking to the prospective and current customers on call.

While it's very easy to get started with the BASCRM Power Dialer, some campaigns are more complex than others and this is why our dialer has a wide range of advanced features that put reps in control.

  • Register your own phone numbers and use them for both outbound and inbound calling.
  • Build multi-step campaigns that go far beyond phone calls.
  • Custom reports to gain more insight into your campaign.
  • Update contact data on the fly.
  • Cloud based and ready for remote working teams

BASCRM Sales applications make it simple to execute, track, and optimize every customer interaction in a single place. Our goals are to guide digital sellers, accelerate pipeline growth, and strengthen customer relationships—all from inside our scalable CRM platform.

The BASCRM Power dialer is engineered for reliability, quality, hosted in premium data centers to guarantee a 99.95% up-time. All calls are routed via premium networks enabling crystal clear voice quality. BASCRM runs from data centers across all continents to handle concurrency, fast failover, and outage proofing.

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