Scale-Up Productivity with Integrated Software Solutions

Business Software Solutions play a big role in growing businesses and strategic choices have to be made at every level to manage operational efficiency. Most fast growing Small & Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) will at some point face challenges with their software systems as they outgrow the basic features that are required to run a start-up. As SMEs expand business operations strategical decisions are required around the best business practices and systems for managing and fueling further growth.

The market for business applications has exploded in the last two decades where many Software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors offer stand-alone solutions for managing the basic processes such as invoicing, project management, sales management, inventory, customer service software and many other functions. A rapidly growing company can quickly become entangled with a complex application landscape and navigating for the best solutions can be challenging.

A poor decision with integrating new tools needed to operations on a day-to-day basis can be costly and even slow down or destroy a well-functioning business. Many companies turn to experienced software development companies to custom-build the products, tools and new applications to fit their specific needs. Some companies choose stand-alone solutions and roll out a new application supporting a few specific features. This solution will over time increase the manual workload as the teams are required to fetch data from multiple sources and companies going this route will never see a full picture of their operational performance in real-time when they have to deal with numerous siloed processes and overlapping databases. The end result can create inconsistency and feed wrong data to the organization they depend on to make strategic decisions.

Over time these companies will reach a stage where they will no longer enjoy the growth they had anticipated, and if business processes start failing because the vital information as order status is hard to reach in real-time or records for invoicing are delayed, an increased churn will start to cripple the company, in many cases productivity and revenues start declining.

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So what to do?

Running a business is more than just selling or providing services to customers. In fact, the inner workings of a business should be on the list of priorities. As companies reach scale and start forming organizational silos they start to prioritize the connecting all data, people, and processes together to form a connected solution for operational efficiency.

Ultimately this end results is a system of integrated processes that connects different subsystems or components into one large system. Most often, this definition refers to linking different software solutions together so that they can work functionally as a single unit. The market for integrated software systems packaged by CRM and ERP vendors has developed over the years and there is a wide range of offering.

What are the benefits of an integrated business software system?

Integrated software solutions offer a versatile approach in every organizational workflow, processes across the organization become more efficient, real-time visibility improves, and major costs are saved and over time enabling a rapid growth in the revenues for the business.

Over time enormous amount of time and resources is released from IT as the costs for integrating, maintaining, and acquiring new versions of these applications is no longer in need.

A well selected integrated business software, commitment from both management and employees, business operations can beneficial to businesses in the following ways:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Faster innovation and growth
  • Enhance employee communication and collaboration
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Lower customer churn
  • User-driven innovation
  • Process automation
  • Lower operational costs
  • Quick go-to-market
  • Security

We help organization transform manual ways of working into digital processes by providing smart, scalable and flexible solutions that meet business objectives.

BASCRM is a software as a Service (SaaS) provider that integrates organizational processes into one software, focusing on the strategic applications that will add value in building your business.

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